Seven Signs You Need a Coach

In today’s turbulent business climate, few people succeed alone…

Seven Signs You Need a Coach

In today’s turbulent business climate, few people succeed alone. As best-selling writer Tim Ferris says in his latest book, Tools of Titans, even the best of us are “walking flaws.” We all need help with prioritizing, decision-making, and building better business relationships.

At Re-Ignite, our principals have long track records of coaching business executives to become more confident, creative and empathetic business leaders.

If you’re wondering whether you could benefit from regular coaching sessions, take a look at this checklist of common executive problems. If you tick off more than two of these items, consider getting some coaching help, whether it’s from a professional, a mentor, or even a former boss you admire. The first step in getting better is knowing when to ask for help.

  • Your team isn’t functioning as well as you think it should. Team dynamics are always difficult. Different people and different personality types respond to different stimuli. If you’re having problems getting your team to pull together, you need to reconsider whether you’re setting the right goals and offering the best incentives. A mentor or coach can help you get unstuck.
  • You’re struggling against market turbulence and increasing competition. You’re in your job for a reason; you know your organization’s capabilities and you know your customers. But no one is expected to know everything. You don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • Your team is questioning the strategy you’ve set. Decisive leaders aren’t just those who make decisions fast; they tend to ask themselves the best questions. A good mentor or coach can help you see new points of view.
  • There’s too much work to do: you’re having trouble prioritizing, or you’re stalling out. Don’t burn out: learn out. No one teaches the “soft skills” at business school, and they’re hard to learn on the job. By seeking help from other people who have faced similar pressures, you can hone your organizational and strategic skills to see the bigger picture and learn how to delegate better.
  • You’re feeling alone. You need a better network of colleagues and advisors in your industry. Business isn’t done with companies; it’s done with other people. A coach can give you feedback on your interpersonal skills to help you build stronger business relationships with the right people.
  • You’re having trouble meeting your revenue goals or other targets. Stretch goals are one thing. But if you or your team are regularly stressing out about achieving objectives, you need some outside perspective. How has your market changed? What’s holding you back? A coach can’t solve your problem for you, but he or she can certainly help you work through it faster and more effectively.
  • You’re wondering if you’re in the right place. Business careers are unpredictable. You rarely end up where you expect. A coach can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your hopes and dreams. They’ll help you understand where you are, why you’re there, and increase your commitment to creating value for your clients and results for your team.

It’s never too late to change things up. It’s never too late to find new sources of personal growth. Whether you turn to a superior, a peer, a mentor or a coach, you deserve a support system that can help you be your best.

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